Saturday- July 04, 2020
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We are in this business game from year 2000 till today, and have further expended our services from not only Technical Support to Web Hosting to Web Design.

With us in the business for such long time, you can't be wrong for selecting us for making your business visible in the internet!

Web Hosting: Our servers are located in a State of the art Data Center. The support site is staff by knowledgable and qualified representatives. Put all these together and with our low prices you get lot more than the competition has to offer.

Web Design: We are proud to be one of the designers of FreeLinux CD Malaysia's web site (discontinued). Please visit the site to view our creation. We are unable to provide you other testimonies as our client requested us to keep it hidden from others.

Technical Support: We have been providing technical support to end users from ePeople (2000-2002), Microsoft (2001) and the latest, Adobe Support Marketplace (2002-2004). We received a 4.2 out of 5.0 of rating (that users provide) for Adobe Support Marketplace. Our expertise includes Windows/Office (all versions), all Adobe softwares, and miscellenious (experience gained from ePeople).

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